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Southern Gun & Pawn offers fast cash and great deals on guns, jewelry, electronics, and more!


As part of our high level of customer service, we are always striving to answer any and all questions you may have about working with us. Here are some of the most popular questions we get at Southern Gun & Pawn. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions you don’t see answered here.


The process of pawning an item is simple really. Think of going to a bank and asking for a loan. The bankers will ask you for some sort of collateral- property, your income, etc. While this process is much more involved and can take more time (because these loans are usually for a larger sum of money), we simply provide loans using your valuable items as collateral.

Once you repay your loan, you can come by and pick up your item. This is a simple way of getting the cash you need to make ends meet quickly.

I’ve never pawned anything before. How does it work?

Pawning is pretty simple. You bring in your item. Southern Gun & Pawn assesses it and makes a competitive cash offer, including explaining payment/retrieval terms and interest rates. If you accept the terms and pawn your item, you will leave the store with cash-in-hand. From there you can decide to either a) make full payment (including interest) to retrieve your valuable by the set retrieval date, or b) make installment payments (including interest) to continue to use the cash while we hold your valuable in pawn. That’s it!

Should I pawn my item or sell it outright?

The decision to pawn or sell is based on the specific details of a transaction. If you have a valuable that you wish to have back in your possession and just need quick, short-term cash that you will pay back, then pawning may be your best option. If you have a valuable item that you don’t wish to have back, then you may consider selling it to Southern Gun & Pawn as a final transaction that won’t require retrieval or payments. No matter which type of transaction you choose, we will assess your item using our industry knowledge and expertise to give you fair and competitive offers to consider.

Don’t most people who pawn their items lose them?

It is uncommon to lose your pawn item. Roughly only 10%-20% of people that pawn items do not retrieve their items. Losing your item only happens if you decide to break the pawn terms and agreement that we explained to you upfront when you accepted cash.

Why should I buy things from a pawn shop?

You should only buy things from us if you’re looking for great deals. We have prices on items that can be up to 60% off retail prices. Our items may be new or slightly used, so you really can find some outstanding deals on tools, electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, computers, collectibles, and a lot more. Our associates are there to answer any questions and tell you more about our products to keep your purchase experience positive!

How can I be sure that the items I buy at your pawn shop aren’t stolen?

Georgia law requires us to run all the items we purchase or pawn through their police scan. This process protects both Southern Gun & Pawn and you from dealing with stolen items.


Precious Metals

Gaming Systems
Car Titles
Musical Instruments/Equipment

Why Visit Southern Gun & Pawn?

Trusted Pawnbroker

It is Southern Gun & Pawn’s top priority to be your trusted, dependable pawnbroker. We use state-of-the-art software that enables us to make fair and informed, market-based offers that build trust in our deals for all parties.  Our knowledgeable staff can quickly assess your items and provide a competitive offer amount that will help you get access to the cash you need.

Hassle-Free Quotes

Southern Gun & Pawn provides free quotes without gimmicks or pressure.  Bring your items in and let’s talk about the money. If you decide not to sell or pawn your item, we welcome you back to see us again soon.

We are a Bargain Lover’s Best Friend

Visit Southern Gun & Pawn and you may just say “I’ll never buy retail again!” You won’t believe some of the fantastic items we have at below-market prices. We carry tools, electronics, fine jewelry, and even unique vintage/antique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pistols, Rifles & Shotguns

Southern Gun & Pawn’s goal is to be Northeast Georgia’s best resource for guns and ammunition at great pricing. So, if you’re looking for firearms and ammo, come in and check out our inventory.   Whether you want something for personal protection, home defense, or hunting, we have a wide selection of pistols, shotguns, & rifles.

People Friendly Pawn Shop

We know…pawn shops don’t have the greatest reputations for the environment- but Southern Gun & Pawn is different.  Not just because our store is newly designed and staffed with friendly employees.  Our biggest difference is that SGP owners are Christians who live out Loving God and Loving Others—even in business! Of course, we aren’t perfect, but we pledge to look different in a good way, and on purpose!

The Pawnshop That Gives Back

Not only is Southern Gun & Pawn committed to creating a positive, friendly environment for our customers—we believe in making an impact on the world. We donate 10% of our profits directly to RU4 People, a locally-run, globally impacting nonprofit organization that provides Christian-based humanitarian aid to people all around the world. Their mission trips are designed to bring critical drinking water to remote places while sharing the gospel. We strongly believe in their mission and good works, and their hearts behind it all!


RU4 People

When it comes to service, the staff at Southern Gun & Pawn supports the good works of this non-profit organization. Their mission is similar to ours in that we believe in service and that is part of why we donate a portion of our profit to this charity.

RU4 People frequently raises money for mission trips all over the world to places where clean drinking water is only a dream. They provide water filters to families in places like Nepal and other far-reaching places. One filter can supply a family with nearly a million gallons of clean drinking water for roughly 10 years. They have distributed nearly 3000 water filters while sharing the gospel.

Learn more about this wonderful organization here:



Because Access To Clean Water Shouldn't Be A Dream

Our Service Area

We are located in Gainesville Georgia, but people come to see us from as far as Suwanee, Buford, Flowery Branch, Braselton, Hoschton, and other parts of Georgia. Visit our shop to see what we have for you today!

Our Service Area

We are located in Gainesville Georgia, but people come to see us from as far as Suwanee, Buford, Flowery Branch, Braselton, Hoschton, and other parts of Georgia. Visit our shop to see what we have for you today!

Southern Gun & Pawn

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